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As a health and Fitness Blog, We are doing our best to provide top-notch Health and Fitness Tips to our readers. So We are inviting you to share your fitness tips and other health tips with the world. You can submit your blog to us and we will publish your blog on our website. The only eligibility criteria for submitting a blog is that you must be a certified Doctor, Nutritionist, Yoga Guru, or fitness coach. So we can provide quality content to our readers. We will also provide a link back to your social profile in our blog so you can also get some benefits for your valuable tips.
Please Submit your Details bellow and we will get back to you by Email or social Profile.
Note: Please check the Some Questions/Answers related to Guest Writing bellow Before submitting Your details.
Some question/Answers related to Guest Writing
First you submit your details to us, We verify it by contacting you. And if we found that you are a genuine person who is involved with profession like doctor, nutionist, or yoga guru etc. then we allow you to submit guest posts on our website (you need to send us the content in a PDF or Doc file).
We will share your tips and thoughts on our website. Also will add a backlink on the post to your social profile or your contact number. So if people think that your thoughts are related to their problems then they can contact you directly.
You can share any type of content that is related to health or fitness. But make sure you write all the content at your own. Because we follow a strict copy right policy. So no copy paste content will be accepted or posted on the webiste. We have a Copy writng checker tool so we can check your content with that.